Near Me Video Consultations

We are now using more Email, telephone and video consultations.  Clinical images (often supplied by patients) can be helpful for these types of consultations.

Near Me Video Consultations

We are using video consultations in some cases during the Covid 19 pandemic.  THE USE OF THIS FACILITY IS BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY.  Patients who require medical advice (that does not include symptoms of Covid 19) should phone the practice first. Further information on the service is available HERE. The link to our waiting room can be accessed by clicking here.

Instructions how to use the Near Me Service is HERE

Sending Images to The Practice



WHY a photo?

Your clinician would like to see a photo to help with this consultation this will allow a more accurate diagnosis and plan to be made.

WHAT options

At present we are trying to limit face-to-face contact due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you cannot provide a photo then you can have a video consultation or a face-to-face consultation.

WHO will see it

The clinician dealing with your care will be able to see this photo, and it will be stored in your records. In future, other clinicians and administration staff who are bound by confidentiality, will also be able to see this photo in your records. The photo may be shared with other clinicians for your care, e.g. for a referral.


Emailing a photo from your phone to the practice email is not a secure link and may expose you to cybercrime for which the practice cannot be held responsible. The photo will only be used for direct care, unless you give us permission to use it for teaching or other purposes, e.g. writing an insurance report. The photo would also be available if a court wants your records for legal proceedings.


The image will be stored in your GP records as long as you have them in the United Kingdom and should be transferred if you move practice.